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Kitty Lauman

Kitty & Catz shooting
Trainer details
Occupation Horse trainer, Student instructor, Clinician
Kitty owns way to many horses, and trains even more! She has trained all the horses that her family uses as well as many more that carry their owners safely though out the Northwest!
Other Interests
Raising and playing with her kids has become Kitty's biggest interest. God blessed her with children who love horses as much as she does! So the family loves to ride and train, go camping, hunting, shooting, traveling, and a million other things they get to do together. Kitty also has several fun farm projects such as chickens, a milk cow, raising a few calves and foals and this year she even started raising pigs, which she is finding to be quite fun!
Kitty has been happily married to her husband Rick Lauman for 20 years now! They have 2 children, Tanner 14 and Josie 11. They live in beautiful Central Oregon surrounded by miles of National Grass Lands. The kids are becoming very involved in helping Kitty work the horses and have been active competitors in CMSA since they were little.

Kitty is a Ladies Level 4 competitor who spends most of her time wrangling her 2 kids, training horses and giving lessons and clinics. She starts horses from the ground up where her motto is "We work with horses not against them." She has 2 great arena to work in, miles of sage brush and juniper where she can get horses to calm down and focus on there job at hand. Her goal is a quiet horse who knows their job and does it with confidence. "Good competition horses tend to be hot and can become hard to control. My goal is to put their body to work, keep their mind fresh and looking forward to the next job so they stay quiet and confident in their work."


Kitty Lauman
Prineville, OR 97754